Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meroyan: Sakit Dalam Jub*r! (Pain in the ass)

Benang BasahKind regards,

Ex-tenant of 1-14B-006
6708GA Wageningen

De secretaris van de geschillenadviescommissie
Postbus 18
6700 AA Wageningen

Date : 1 June 2011



This afternoon (May 31st, 2011), around 13:30 I went to Mr. Hommerson at his office, Bornsesteeg to return my room keys. However he told me that the key I gave him is nothing since it is without mailbox key and annoyed by me because I didn’t return the key before noon yesterday so that he have to change the cylinder lock, hence bill me for that. I asked for some revision and he is nice enough to let me look for the mailbox key and if possible reduce the fee. So I promised him that I will go and have a look for it before 16:00, the time his office close. But then I realised that I’ve lost the key almost 2 years ago when my bike got stolen, together with the key. So I decided to duplicate the key and hand it in to him.

In his office (around 14:15) he told me that the mailbox key does not belong to Idealis. I frankly admitted that I’ve lost the original because my bike got stolen and that one is indeed duplicated version. So what else can I do, I did my effort by duplicating the key. But instead, he threw the key away into a dustbin under his table and said “What should I call you? Pain in the ass? Yeah, pain in the ass. You caused me a lot of trouble” to my face. His colleague, who was standing behind me just giggled. I replied “I’m sorry for being such a pain in the ass. I am truly sorry”. However, I strongly believe that was an insult. Really.

I told him last time I checked the original key of my room is still usable and asked when did he change the cylinder lock? He said “maybe I change it just after you left yesterday” and dared me to check. The thing is, I went to my room last night (May 30th, 2011 around 23:00) to take out a cabinet and a TV, preventing extra charge by Idealis. I didn’t know that maintenance guy worked until 24:00. Mr. Hommerson was lying, I suspect. But I doesn’t want to stretch the emotionally painful moment further, so I didn’t go upstairs and decided to wish him a nice day, and leave the office.

But later on around 15:30, being unsatisfied and without the knowledge of Mr. Hommerson, I went to used-to-be my room, took a close look at the lock. It seems worn out and it can’t be new cylinder lock. Impossible. Please refer to attached pictures.

I was a tenant of Idealis for more than 2 years. I never ever caused any trouble that you can classify as “a lot” in a period of more than two years. It is clearly seems that Mr. Hommerson does not know how much is “a lot”. I never complained much, except sometimes for blockage of the drainage. In two years and a half. I paid rental more or less around EUR9480.00. Even if EUR0.0001, I contributed to his monthly paycheck!

Since the experience of being called “pain in the ass” to my face by Mr. Hommerson, whenever I see a Caucasian guy physically resembles him, will bring my self-esteem down to the ground and getting anxious. As an Asian, I am fragile emotionally. Also as a caretaker whose office is in an international residence building, Mr. Hommerson should be aware of this and respect cultural background differences.

Hereby, I admit that I failed to hand in the key before 12:00 noon, 30th June and I also acknowledge that I’ve lost the mailbox key. The only thing that need a replacement because of the my late submission would be mailbox key, I believe. I also willing to pay any reasonable charges Idealis is about to bill me because of that but not lock cylinder since there is no change for that, at least not by the time I handed my key in. I humbly request THREE (3) things:

1. Idealis to investigate further about the change of lock cylinder (since there is no change, at least until 15:30, May 31st) and waive me any pertaining charge.

2. A written apology from Mr. Hommerson himself for his unprofessional attitude which has caused me emotional pain.

3. A written respond in 2 weeks time starting from the date of this letter.

No matter what, when you are working in customer service business, that is not the way you should handle the situation, by telling them “you are pain in the ass” and probably lies for whatever reason. In your official website, first core value which says “client orientation” is a very good start.

Thank you for providing me shelter for more than 2 years. I was happy. Hope to hearing from you soon.

Cik Benang Basah
Ex-tenant of 1-14B-006


- Secretary, Malaysian Embassy, The Hague

- Student Deans, Wageningen University
- Student Psychologists, Wageningen University
- Chair, Wageningen Student Council
- Chair, Wageningen Student Association (WSO)
- President, The Malaysian-NL Students Community
- Chair, PSF Wageningen


Cik Faliq said...

im sorry to read abt this.
but, June has just started. so maybe you meant to say May instead?

akukanbaik said...

yeah!!! good..
boo Mr. Hommerson!!!

Cik Benang said...

Cik Faliq: OMG! Silly mistakes! Urghhh...

AKB: Kaann.... Rasain!

aiXat.MR said...

now he will really get d pain in the ass.. haha

Cik Benang said...

layak dengan muka dia. gerremm mek nox!

Hisfazilah said...

baru je ade time baca...hmm mmg xpatut!!! update tau ape kesudahannyaa..

Cik Benang said...

Hang pun kena kan? hehehe...

kak lah ex born said...

mak sentap dek... kelllaaaas u ols.. i kenal mr hommerson tu, mmg sombongson punnnnn...

dani said...

kelasssss! i like!
- mommy Dani